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The EasterPod

Jun 16, 2022

Artist, Musician, & Owner of Days Under Sun Coffee Tecoby Hines joins host Corey Easterday to discuss a shared love of music & coffee, the themes prevalent throughout his latest album “Days Under Sun”, & the vision behind Days Under Sun Coffee. Corey & Tecoby also chat about the NBA, what it was like on Tecoby’s latest tour, & the role of faith & community in everything that Tecoby creates.

Follow Tecoby Hines on Instagram & Twitter (@nahitstecoby). Follow Days Under Sun Coffee on Instagram (@daysundersuncoffee). Listen to “Days Under Sun” on Apple & Spotify.

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Podcast + Interview Intro Music: “Days Under Sun” by Tecoby Hines

Podcast Outro Music: "91 Rodman" by Tecoby Hines

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