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The EasterPod

Jan 10, 2021

Taylor Fraser is the Writer & Director of the new audio drama podcast “Foreward”, which chronicles one family’s story after the tragedy of a school shooting. She joins host Corey Easterday to discuss the process of creating “Foreward” alongside her team, the real life events she experienced that inspired the podcast, how she has been able to heal from her own trauma, & her hopes for the positive impact “Foreward” will have on its listeners.

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Podcast Intro Music: “Run No More” by The Talbott Brothers (Instagram: @talbottbrothers, Twitter: @talbottbrothers, Facebook: The Talbott Brothers)

Interview Intro Music: "The Epic Conquest Of A Dream" by Elijah Wild

Podcast Outro Music: "Decrescendo" by Elijah Wild