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The EasterPod

Mar 8, 2024

1402 is a very talented band from Northeast Ohio composed of musicians Christian, Joel, Lip, & John. While on tour in Charlotte they sat down with host Corey Easterday to discuss how they build a connection with the audience & approach each show, the importance of having fun & not taking music or creativity for granted, stories from their first tour together, & their perspectives on all things music. Corey & the guys from 1402 also chat about Corey’s longtime friendship with John, John’s project Shame Chamber, the incredible Walkie Talkie Coffee in Canton, OH, each member’s musical influences & other music/creative projects, why Lip is Corey’s favorite because he’s the drummer, Joel’s understandable aversion to doing gymnastics on stage & how he’s also Corey’s favorite, the creative force that is Christian, & so much more. Seriously - these dudes rock! (and they’re all my favorite)


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